In the new collection, CAPRI explores, experiments and invents, turning organic magic and pure poetry out of a material as traditionally cold, hard and inorganic as ceramic. With playful freedom, ceramic is molded into beads of unique color and sinuous, feminine forms. The precious rings and earring in turquoise and coral herald a rich offer of gold sautoir chains interspersed with turquoise beads like dewy drops and decisive jewels composed of small ceramic beads. Blooming forms sprout from the studious composition of turquoise, pink, white and black ceramic beads like irregular cabochons. Surprising dashes of light emerge from the unexpected paring with blue sapphires, rubies, amethysts and tsavorites.

The rings and earrings in natural turquoise and coral with irregular stones like petals and white diamonds like luminous spots of light perfectly sum up the magic of a collection that merges nature and invention, spontaneous effects with painstaking manual dexterity.


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