Created for the 50th anniversary of Pomellato, ICONICA honors the Milan jeweler’s rich goldsmith heritage. In sensual shapes and golden volumes, ICONICA jewels are voluptuous, striking and bold. The golden anniversary pieces become lightweight, stackable pieces, to be mixed-and-matched for a fashionably-chic style. The new collection includes chain bracelets, sautoirs and earrings in white or rose gold, also available with diamonds that are all characterized by the distinctive touch of Pomellato: the unequivocally Milanese understated form and the exuberant expression when playfully combined.


Pomellato’s in-house artisans act as the Maison’s protagonists, achieving the quality and beauty the Milan jeweler has become known for since 1967. With meticulous care and attention, Pomellato’s goldsmiths infuse an organic, tactile quality into every one-of-a-kind jewel, distinguishing Pomellato’s archetypal designs and touchable volumes.

Hand-crafting its jewelry by over 100 exceptionally skilled artisans enables Pomellato to experiment and innovate while overseeing every step of the process with close attention to every detail. An artisanal legacy constructed in the past, safeguarded in the present, and projected into the future comes through in ICONICA. Run by passion, savoirfaire and dedication, Pomellato’s ateliers, where craftsmanship and tradition are preserved, are the heart of the Maison and continue to keep the human touch as precious as the jewel itself.

For 2018, ICONICA evolves into voluptuous versions of itself, incorporating the collection’s emblematic, rounded features. In a new wave of Milanese creativity, three bracelets, six double- or single-hoop pairs of earrings, and two new sautoirs enrich the ICONICA collection. Sculpted of rich rose or white gold, various pieces also incorporate
white or brown diamond pavé, for a touch of Pomellato sparkle.


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