The naked splendor of a gem, the glowing personality of unique color and the playfulness of a shape of perfect irregularity and sensual unconventionality are the traits that make NUDO an enduring success and the quintessential bearer of all the Pomellato values.

NUDO, is, quite simply, the must have. It has been since its launch in 2001. An ironic and technically challenging take on the solitaire – so much so that both the ring and the way  tones are cut are copyright – protected – it can be worn, piled, combined, experienced in infinite, and infinitely personal, ways, mixing colors and textures however a woman prefers.

A masterpiece of powerful simplicity, NUDO is first and foremost about women, not about the jewel. It is about the sensual experience of combining stones and colors according to personal desires, about playing with an irregular gem as succulently hued as a bonbon. It’s the ring self-confident, independent individuals need to have and want to wear. A jewel of naked beauty and irresistible humor charged with the elegance of Milanese understatement. As an ever-evolving icon, it has verve and wit.


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