Move Classique

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The first collection of the House of Messika, Move has gone from “it-jewel” to the signature collection of the House.

Three diamonds, one golden cage, 360 possibilities… Move is the creation that gave the House of Messika its signature style and that heralded its success. Designed in 2007, barely two years after the creation of Valérie Messika’s eponymous house, the very first bracelet has become, quite simply, a classic. Already, at the time of its creation, it was a triumph of simplicity, of lightness and of movement.

The three mobile diamonds quickly conferred upon it the status of “it-jewel”, as easy to wear in the day as by night, at work as with a cocktail dress. The precious cage and the unusual moving diamonds are the very incarnation of Valérie Messika’s philosophy. With the Move Collection, the diamond becomes the accessory for women of every age and at every stage of their daily lives and is no longer reserved only for special occasions.

The eternally precious stone becomes modern, versatile and fun, and the seriousness with which it has hitherto been associated disappears. It becomes a fashion accessory without which its wearer cannot imagine living, the jewellery equivalent of a favourite pair of jeans or a much-loved little black dress. The by now iconic design is an exercise in the power of opposites: both ultra-modern and yet timeless, easy to wear whilst making a fashion statement, relaxed yet chic, delicate yet strong, minimalist yet recherché, romantic yet rock and roll. In short, intoxicating…